Rewiring or Renewing of the Mind

I have hesitated to share this experience.  I did not want to sound like a religious freak, because I am not, but I am a believer in miracles and a Christian.  I initially became a Christian after much reading about different religions and from a practical standpoint, I chose to eventually focus on Christianity, because I truly came to believe that it offered the best hope for our world, our world truly still needs saving and God delivered a way to save our world through the transforming, life changing Holy Spirit and life of Christ. I did not become a Christian until much later in life, as I was not raised in the church, however, I was a God Spiritual seeker throughout high school, college and into marriage and read so many books on all sorts of different religions, and… I read about Science.  I was a subscriber to Scientific American and Science Life and I graduated from the College of Environmental Engineering.  Science brought me closer to belief, which many say Science, causes them to lose faith in a evidence of a Creator, but the more I learned about Modern Physics and Organic Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics, the more I knew it was too miraculous to have occurred by chance, it was designed and created by an entity larger than our planet, galaxy and universe, it created the universe and designed it all for the purpose of creation, connection and evolution of faith and love in our soul to bring full glory to the Creator.

I had been on an intense reading binge on Christianity of years by now and was admittedly really struggling with certain beliefs in Christianity.  Through prayer and mind wrestling with God over the immaculate conception, resurrection and ascension of Christ, I had come a long way, but the last stumbling block was the Second Coming of Christ. I could not get past that, my Science mind wrestled it into a potential second Big Bang and Black Holes and new heavenly universe, I had been praying and having many a dark nights of the soul, really trying to fit this into my limited thinking. I finally realized that I was focusing to much on the how it would happen, which ultimately did not matter.  I finally just focused on praying for God to rewire my mind and to literally move furniture that was blocking me from belief, because I wanted to believe it would happen and no longer needed to know how.  After several weeks of “prayer wrestling”, I was in my daughter’s room reading, I believe she was in kindergarten at the time, and we had both fallen asleep.  I had a dream or vision of a transcendent white glowing Christ standing in the clouds with a seemingly infinite group of people standing below. A vision may not sound like much, and in years prior I had several Out of Body Experiences, where I felt the vibrational energy of my molecules it seemed and my soul left my body and ventured out, but this was different…along with the vision, my brain felt as if every synapse was firing, physically and visually. I felt it and a saw the bright transcendent light that was spreading from the vision to the fullness of my mind.  It was done, I woke up and I believed. My prayers were answered. God, rewired my brain, literally.

That same night, when I woke up from my vision, Samantha woke up and asked me if I had seen him.  I said, “Seen Who?”.  She said, “Jesus, he was here, in my room, I saw him over there in the corner.”  I cried and said, “Yes, I did, I saw him, but it was different in my mind, like a vision or dream.”  End of story. Yes, I believe.

Matthew 26:64

“Yes,” Jesus said, “I am. And in the future you will see me, the Messiah, sitting at the right hand of God and returning on the clouds of heaven.”

I am not posting this to change your mind about God, I of all people, know, that only God can do that and if you choose to let Him.

Here is an amazing sermon, Having the Spirt Transform Us, which starts at about 43 minutes in, that Dr. Joel Hunter talks about the Spirit Transforming us and specifically about the Renewing or Rewiring of the Mind is at 1:17 minutes in.  Not everyone has the physical experience that I literally had, but that does not mean that the mind can’t be renewed in a different way.